Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sister Missionary Stockings - DIY

SO - I know it's been awhile since I've posted but I've got something to share.

 6 months ago our oldest daughter left to serve an 18 month mission in Pennsylvania Philadelphia for our church - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  (To learn more about this - please visit or stay tuned that's a topic for another day)  I was looking for something to make &/or send to her for Christmas.  I found Christmas stockings for Elders - well that just will not do for this mom of 3 girls. 

I HAD to figure out something for my girl.

I took photos as I made hers I'll try to explain as I go.

Sister Missionary Stockings

Supplies:  White felt   small white shirt   small skirt   5 inches Ribbon

Step 1 : I went to Goodwill and bought a couple of cute little girl outfits - about 2-3T size or smaller (been a while since I've had the opportunity to do so since my "baby" is 12 and taller than me :) I did wash them just so they didn't have the Goodwill smell my girls call it.  

Step 2 : I traced a stocking we had at the house but there are numerous ones out there is you Google "Printable Stocking Pattern".  Once you have your pattern cut 2 out of the white felt.

Step 3:  Split the side seems of the skirt & shirt. (sorry the picture is blurry).
                  So in theory you could get 2 stockings out of one skirt!

 Step 4: Place the shirt on one of the stocking pieces and try to line the middle of the shirt to the middle of the stocking {the middle of the leg part}.  I play with it a little lining it up to see if my shirt to skirt ratio looks normal. Then I trim the shirt about an inch longer than I need.  So when I sew the skirt will overlap the shirt. Once I have it where I like it I pin the just the shirt.  Then I stitch around the collar and down the front (if it has a row of buttons).  I try real hard to stay on the existing stitching.  Important: when placing the skirt make sure the skirt covers the toe of the stocking and the heel and hangs over a bit too.  I wanted my skirt to look natural like it would hanging on a person.

Step 5: Next I attach the skirt to the stocking. Again I try to follow the stitching in the skirt and match the color of thread if I have it.  In the skirt below - I followed the stitching of the skirt but then that left the top of the waistband free and floppy. So in the same color of thread to match the skirt I stitched across the top too.  Sorry I don't have a pic for that.
Step 6: Now to put the back on and sew them together.  Lay the back on top of the front you've worked hard to make.  I lay the top flat and smooth the skirt out like you want it to lay.  Line up the top the toes and heel, pin.  Now here are several pics to help with pinning it all together.

I started at the top right and started pinning around the edge working my way around.  When I get to the toe,  See the purple pin - that is the last pin that includes the skirt fabric.  I now continue around but I DO NOT include the skirt. (that is so it will be free flowing) You should be pinning felt front to felt back at this point.
Now I start pinning at the top left of the stocking lining things up as I go. Insert the ribbon loop at the top here - the loop should be inside.  When I get about an 1 inch above the heel, (where the blue pin is) that is the last point I catch skirt in the side seem.  From here, I shove the skirt inside the stocking and continue to pin the felt front to felt back.
Step 7: Stitch around the stocking from one opening to the next - leaving the top open.
Step 8: Turn right side out!  Below is a picture of the front & back.  Notice the skirt doesn't really line up on the back. That's because of the heel/toe slant on my stocking but I figure the front is so cute no one will really be looking at the back :)

Step 9:  I did make a little name tag in Word - printed it  and laminated it to make it shiny.  I also added beaded garland to make a necklace.  I just hot glued it on each side so it was free to hang.  I also hot glued the Missionary tag. 

I had so much fun making these for My Missionary Daughter and her companion. 4 lucky Sister Missionaries from my Stake also received them.  Wish they all could have one.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Towels, Towels and more Towels - take 2

St. Patricks Day Towel - found the shamrock towel for $1 then added the fabric!

Valentine's Day Towel - 3 tier ruffle - love, love, love  how cute this turned out!!

Containers & more

The Homework Bucket -  Several years ago when our 3rd daughter started school and afternoon homework sessions became our normal daily fight.  I gathered a few things and put them in this bucket (originally it was made to hold picnic supplies).  I was tired of sending the girls off to get a pencil or paper or something to write on and then they would never return thus delaying our "session". So I gathered everything together in one place. This has saved so much time & hassle looking for things.
Our bucket contains: dry erase boards (behind the clipboard), clipboard, paper, dry erase markers, erasers, glue sticks, scissors, pencils (although I think those have wandered off again), calculator, etc.

The Hair Bucket - one day while getting girls ready for school I kept having to send them off for different things (brush, hair ponies, the right color flower) thus missing the bus, again! UGH!!!  So I noticed the homework bucket which gave me an idea.  I also needed a place to contain the flowers too.  The bucket has butterflies punched out all around the top. I ran a ribbon through the butterflies to have a place to put bobbie pins and the flower clips.  It also helped the handbands stay in place as well. Then we added the every important pony tails of all sizes, detangler spray and brushes.  I like that I can move it were ever we need and also tuck it away in the cabinet in the bathroom.

The Playhouse

A couple of weeks ago, my youngest daughter asked to get the playhouse out.  This requires setting up the card table (which is buried in the garage) and then digging through the linen closet to fish the house out.  At times I would try to interest her in others things to play with so I didn't have to go through all the hastle.  But this year being the year of  "adjustments" (aka learning to live without my oldest at home), I've found myself thinking "she's only 10" she is still little :)  So we dug the house out.  I remember the little girls spending their days playing in that house- filling it with baby dolls, blankets and books.  The girls would request lunch in their house and wanted me to place it in front of the tv so they could watch a movie in their house.  I really do have to say I have missed seeing it out.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

Breakfast at the White House this morning!  Heart shaped cinnamon rolls with strawberry milk :)

We even tried our hand at Valentine Hair today!  Aneka was so excited to show it off! kaylie's comment when I offered to do her hair "I have a pink shirt on -I'm good"!

Aneka's Scratch off Valentine's - she is so excited for today! So sad last year to make valentine's for the girls to had out at school :(

Monday, November 21, 2011

Towels...Towels...and more Towels

Okay I have to admit my latest obsession has been making cute hand towels for my kitchen. Here are a few that I have made ;) Let me know what you think!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Brownies in a Jar.....

SO I needed a cute & quick Visiting Teaching gift. I had been wanting to make the popular "cupcake in a jar" But I didn't have the time to make cupcakes, so I looked around to see what I had on hand - a pan of brownies, chocolate frosting & mason jars

So I cut a large brownie into 4ths and smooshed into the jar, frosted with chocolate frosting & added sprinkles. Then of course I had to "Jenifer-ize It".

I found these little forks when I was looking for something else...I thought these would be great for my daughters up coming High School Graduation Open House Party for little appetizers. But oh my goodness do they look so cute on these jars!!!